Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Aristocrats!

If you know the joke, and you know what I've been through to get to this point, then you'll get it. Otherwise, nevermind!
I am now officially beginning my last 3 credits in my library and information science master's degree. I will be teaching myself how to catalog a hiccup.

The two three things I have been searching for in looking for background material are:
extreme cataloging
cataloging ephemera
extreme ephemera

Extreme cataloging already exists as a term and it is NOT what I want it to mean. What a pain. There are two types of cataloging: catastrophic and extreme. Catastrophic seems to be the bare necessities, the raw data. Extreme is every single little detail you can say about a particular material that is beign cataloged.

I am noticing a trend in the language of cataloging which attracts me even more.
Authority Control

Seeing as how I love disasters, these terms please me greatly.

I attempted to join the Ephemera Society this morning but their PayPal link rejected me. They did sign me up and send me a big packet of cool stuff anyways so I guess I will send them a check.

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