Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knowledge Structures

While talking with a colleague (that sounds funny) about my topic of cataloging ephemera, she told me about a class she took through the University of Arizona on Knowledge Structures, taught by a philosophy professor.  One of her assignments was to catalog something/somethings that were not found in a library.  She chose a vegetable stand, and catalogued and catergorized and cross referenced all the vegetables.  She also visited a grocery store and talked to the manager about the reason and logic behind product placement: that that was indeed a way of cataloging and organizing information, in this case, nutritional information that your body uses.  This got me all excited and I decided that the very first thing I'm going to catalog is:
I'll assign accession numbers and locations and heading and subheadings and cross references and all that fine stuff. I am so excited!

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  1. You know I think this is a great idea, Suzie! -- DTB


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