Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From 025.431: The Dewey Decimal Blog

This is a very neat blog which is RESPLENDENT with question-beggers.  T1s and hierarchical force and sentences that make sense to them like "you are taken out of that by the reference at...".  Thank goodness there's a glossary.  I had to look this one up:
Scatter note
A class-elsewhere, see-reference or relocation note that leads to multiple locations in the DDC. See also Class-elsewhere note; Relocation; See reference.
I guess it's a see-also.  And I "see-also" that I made a typo in my comment on the blog!  Arrgh!  How embarrassing!
I'm at the point where I haven't received any feedback or emails from my professor who is grading me on this independent study and so have no reference other than a self-referential sort of feeling as to whether I am doing enough or not enough while teaching myself this.  I have hits from all over the country: but most of them friends that are politely viewing it (and saying "whaaa...huh?") and my librarian friends.  I haven't cataloged the carrot yet, I'm not procrastinating, I'm amassing.  One exciting thing is that if you google the phrase, without quotes, how to catalog ephemera, this blog shows up on the first page of hits!  Maybe I will find someone else who is attempting the same thing.  I am sure I am not unique in this endeavor and it has been done before, I just can't find them.  Maybe they're in Bolivia and they have cataloged those little purple potatoes.
Now I'm going to have to read the entire glossary.

          Classification by attraction

The classification of a specific aspect of a subject in an inappropriate discipline, usually because the subject is named in the inappropriate discipline but not mentioned explicitly in the appropriate discipline.

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