Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Archivist's Toolkit

Apparently I do not have time right now to be sick.  So I have downloaded the opensource software for The Archivist's Toolkit, which, according to the website, is

the first open source archival data management system to provide broad, integrated support for the management of archives. It is intended for a wide range of archival repositories. The main goals of the AT are to support archival processing and production of access instruments, promote data standardization, promote efficiency, and lower training costs.
I also excavated this fact today: that RDA and FRBR will be replacing AACR2 in 2010.  FRBR I am learning about, but great, now I have to look up RDA (Resource Description and Access) and totally forget everything I know about AACR2, which I was just getting used to.

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