Monday, October 26, 2009

So, what IS the difference between AACR2, RDA, DDC, LC, FRBR, CCO and MARC? (and we're adding in ICP and CDWA-Lite)

Guidelines for Cataloging:

with structures such as:

Controlled Vocabulary
Establishment of Authority and subsets
Some form of linking data
Established Relationships between data
Widespread use across borders and fields of study

is represented by:
CCO for art, music, museum-housed items
AACR2 for text, recorded materials, and sometimes realia
RDA, which is what AACR3 turned into
Dublin Core (metadata terms, not specific items)
ICP and
FRBR,(and FRANAR and FRASAD and ...) the rules for RDA

Guidelines for Shelving:

with structures such as:

numerical representation
alphabetical representation
divisions by subject, location, time period, other specifics

is represented by:


Guidelines for Syncing Bibliographic Data with Electronic Resources:

with structures such as:

Binary or numerical representation of order and placement
Structured syntax
Proscribed punctuation 
keywords: metadata, framework, data sets, metadata element set, interoperability

is represented by:

CDWA-Lite (Categories for the Descriptions of Works of Art)
MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema)

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