Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Of course, this being an independent study, I have no one off which to bounce things and no guaranted place/person to turn to for answers.
I'm trying to catalog a hiccup with CCO/CDWA now, and in my searching for any models to base mine on I am finding there are no catalog records of things that happened: there are records of the things that recorded the thing happening.  Even under performance art, or events, the record is for a visual recording of the art/event.  NOT the event itself.  And when I search it the Getty vocabularies and such I do find ephemera, but that is stil just recorded things: papers, videosrecordings.  Not the thing itself.
I know you can catalog realia as itself, e.g., a meteorite.  Not a photo of it, or a video or a book, but the thing itself. 
Why can't I find a way to catalog an event...the actual event itself?

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