Friday, November 20, 2009

Fantastic Realia on WorldCat

I've created a list on World Cat called Fantastic Realia.  Into it I'm sticking every catalog record that strikes my fancy, all realia, except for a few zines I was actually involved in (they make me feel kind of special).  Unlike these people, Fumiko Coyne,  Judy DeBuse, and Gail Grocott,  I am not actually cataloged.  The second I get a chance, you know I will.  I'm already in Wikipedia.
I particularly enjoyed finding Daniel Webster's socks, a taxidermied bear whom I happen to know is named Luego, and a Literary Lager, it's bottle emptied of its contents by an unnamed, uncataloged collaborator.

Riddle me this:
Why does spell check believe cataloged to be properly spelled without the U, but uncatalogued WITH???  Do only British people uncatalog things?

I am so happy to know that not only do other people catalog very, very strange things, but that out of 1.4 billion items on WorldCat only 27,752 are realia.  Which means there is a place for me in this world.

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