Sunday, December 6, 2009

CDWA record for a hiccup

Catalog Level: item
Type: physical activity
Terms: physical activity-hiccup
Title or Names
Text: A Hiccup
Preference: preferred
Type: descriptive
Creator description: Suzanne DeGrasse (American, contemporary)

Identity: DeGrasse, Suzanne
Role: Information Scientist

Statement: I drank too much soda pop.

Creation Date: October 27, 2009, 10:00:01-10:00:03
Earliest: 2009   Latest: 2009

Creation place/original location: Pocataligo, GA, United States, 612.26’02’758’152’05
Dimensions Description: 1 hiccup lasting .02 seconds

Unit: seconds
Type: time
Materials and Techniques
Description: hiccuping

Material Name: personalia
Technique Name: swallowing, inhaling, exhaling
Implement: larynx, diaphragm, lungs
Subject Matter
Indexing Terms: hiccup, hiccups,
Descriptive note
Text : A single hiccup issued forth suddenly by a haywire electrical impulse directed at the diaphragm
Current location
Repository Name/Geographic Location: not applicable

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