Friday, December 18, 2009

Prickly Cataloging Issues in Realia Part One

These are from the Instructable website: they're called Antagonistic Books.  The first one is called Curiosity:

It can only be opened once, due to a rachet welded to the cover.  What a cataloging nightmare: once it's opened, it can never resume it's original shape, so do you catalog it with the unopened or opened dimensions? Probably opened, since I'd assume that is how it will spend the majority of it's time, unless it immediately got shunted to a closet an archive that no one looked in.  And it is our mission to prevent this, yes?

ANTAGONISTIC BOOKS: Curiosity - How To make a book that can only be opened once - More DIY How To Projects

The second one is called Danger: a book that sets itself on fire.  Now what physical dimensions would you use?  And where on earth would you shelve it???

ANTAGONISTIC BOOKS: Danger - How To make a book that sets itself on fire - More DIY How To Projects

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