Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trivialliteratur and Ephemera

A German genre, so to speak, of literature, also so to speak.  from
Trivialliteratur, term for long loosely applied to light literature appealing to popular taste. Since the 1960s a number of theories have suggested a more constructive use, the major trend being its dissociation from aesthetically subjective approaches (see Kitsch) and its integration into the historical assessment of literary periods, e.g. their changing communication structures and value judgements (H. Kreuzer and J. Schulte-Sasse). (See also Rezeptionsästhetik.) Historical examples include, for example, the Ritter- und Räuberroman. The terms Trivialfilm and Triviallied have the same romantic and escapist connotations.
Trivialfilm=chick flicks? monster movies?
Trivilalied=Pop music?
Trivialding? (ding is German for 'thing', if we're going to stay in a Teutonic vein)

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