Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The duck

So, I share my home and land with Quackers, a Rouen duck. He's about 7 years old and was purchased locally as a companion to Cheese. Cheese met an Unfortunate Ending during which the viewing of it made Quackers go mad. He decided he was a dog.
He is mostly free-range, with full use of the yard- except during mating season when he gets too randy with the Pug and Peanut.
Recently he figured out how to use the dog door, so I often come home to this:

And sometimes even this
Here is a close up of his handsomeness.

Rouens are meat and egg ducks, so their large breast renders them too heavy to fly. They are also 'dabblers' and don't need ponds as long as they have bathing areas and puddles to sploosh in.

This was taken at Christmas.

He spends a lot of time (when he isn't chasing cars with the pack) under the birdfeeder. He'll take naps there, and it's funny to see such a big bird with all the little birds.

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